Glee is becoming a Finn-Rachel-Blaine Karaoke Session.

I am a huge glee fan and it hurts me to say this, but I think it is all time we admit that Glee is becoming rather repetitive. The same (not to mention boring) plot lines are being used over and over again, episode after episode. And they all revolve around the same few people who also happen to be the same few who sing all the solos and duets. This is while the rest of the glee-cast are left to sway in the background, and ultimately rot to death. The most horrible thing is, I don’t think anyone will notice if they do.

Looks familiar? Of course. It’s all that ever happens in the episodes nowadays anyway. Not an episode passes without one gruesome show of affection between these two/a duet. I am utterly sick of the Finn-Rachel romance. In the first place, Finn and Rachel are not exactly my favorite couple in the history of couples. Having them show their affection every friggin’ episode is definitely not helping. They can’t even tear themselves apart during the Nationals. Ok, we get it already, they love each other. I don’t give a bloody damn. Plus, they get all the duets. Hello, director? Other people exist!

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Funny Dares for Truth Or Dare/ Forfeits in a Classroom

Here’s a list of funny dares for Truth Or Dare/forfeits that you can do in a classroom, or you can just do them for fun during class if you’re really bored.

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Things to do during a boring class

Death by boredom is becoming an increasing increasingly prevalent in today’s modern society, especially among school-going children and teenagers. I’m sure you’ve been forced to sit in a boring class, all the while wanting to strangle yourself with utter boredom, at least once in your life. It happens on a daily basis for me. That’s why I have come up with a list of things to do during a boring class that will (hopefully) entertain you long enough for the class to end, and (hopefully) resolve any suicidal tendencies you may have.

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How to Avoid Talking To Annoying People

Jenna Marbles has a hilarious video on this, where she basically tells you to make a weird face and hope it scares them away. (Here’s a link) I think The Face is brilliant if you’re not planning on meeting them ever again, but what if the annoying person you’re trying to avoid happens to be a teacher? Or a classmate? Or your boss? They’ll either think you’re insane and a) give you detention and/or send you to the school counselor b) avoid you like the plague and/or spread nasty rumors about you c) start a fight  and/or hate you for life or d) fire you and send you to a mental institute. Basically, you might be better off just talking to them.

But this list gives you some suggestions that you can use that will help you avoid talking to the person without the person knowing that you’re trying to avoid talking to them. (And, for convenience’s sake, I will use ‘him’ and ‘he’ instead of ‘him/her’ and ‘he/she’ because typing so many of those is tiring and, um…annoying. I’m really not being sexist.)

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Excuses, Excuses, I Need One!

Have you ever gotten tongue-tied when the time came when you needed a really good excuse for being late for school, cutting class, or not doing your homework? With this list of comprehensible excuses that you can practice in front of the mirror everyday, your brain will never fail you again. And your poor pet dog will not seem like such an incurable glutton. For more effective excuses, accompany them with a lot of weeping and wailing, and, well, apologies, if you must.

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