Things to do during a boring class

Death by boredom is becoming an increasing increasingly prevalent in today’s modern society, especially among school-going children and teenagers. I’m sure you’ve been forced to sit in a boring class, all the while wanting to strangle yourself with utter boredom, at least once in your life. It happens on a daily basis for me. That’s why I have come up with a list of things to do during a boring class that will (hopefully) entertain you long enough for the class to end, and (hopefully) resolve any suicidal tendencies you may have.

1. Bet on ridiculous things, like how many pencils Jolene has in her pencil case, or how many ‘umm’s your teacher will use in his/her next sentence. Think of forfeits for the loser (or click here for a list that I’ve come up with)

2. Crumple paper into balls and throw them at things. Play with a couple of friends and invent a scoring system (i.e. ten points if you hit John’s water bottle, fifty points if you hit Donna’s head, etc) for various items. Being noticed by classmates subtracts points from your score, and being noticed by the teacher ends the game (you can start another one as soon as you think your teacher has calmed down sufficiently. Depending on the teacher, it may be two minutes, half an hour, or three weeks.)

3. Compete to do various ridiculous things Like who can sharpen the most pencils/collect the most ____ (pre-decided items, like spectacles, correction fluids, pink markers, shoelaces, etc)/write the fastest/write the fastest with their non-dominant hand. Nerd version: Compete to see who can answer the most questions.

4. Play pass the parcel. Pass something around until the teacher notices. If the teacher does not scold the person, he/she has to do a forfeit. If he/she does get scolded, then the game continues without him/her having to do a forfeit. The longer the game continues, the more severe the forfeits get. (Click here for a list of forfeits to choose from)

5. Build an eraser/stationery tower with as many items as possible.

6. Pass a voting slip/petition around the class. It can be about completely absurd things, like “Meatball spaghetti is the best lunch menu” or “I like the Twilight Saga”. Or about more serious things, like, “Americans should be more liberalist.” If you are strongly for a particular stand, you can take note of the people who voted against you and dream up gruesome deaths for them.

7. Start a Potter Puppet Pals rap. If you do not know what this is, watch the video above. You can say names, or better, make different kinds of sounds. Try to get the whole class into it. If the teacher asks what you are doing, say you are a) trying to remember each other’s names or b) providing a soundtrack for her lesson.

8. Train for the circus. You can juggle stationery items, ask a friend to throw things at you and dodge them, punch through paper, balance books on your head, train your class hamster to do tricks…Anything. It’s up to your imagination.

9. Play nougats and crosses, truth or dare, hangman, scissors paper stone, or boxes with a friend. Again, there can be forfeits for the loser (click here for a list of some I made up, which can also be used as dares for truth or dare) And if no one wants to play with you, you can play with yourself and accuse yourself of cheating. Loudly.

10. See how many things you can take from the person sitting next to you without him/her noticing.

11. Try to crack someone up. The person who laughs first loses. You can tell jokes, make weird faces, tell a funny story, or do whatever you think will crack the other person up.

12. Play pick-up sticks with the person sitting next to you using pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers, and whatever stationery items you happen to have on hand. (Basically the game involves picking up things without moving any other items, and the person with the most stationery at the end of the game-after everything is picked up- wins.) You can also assign more points to harder-to-pick-up items like fat markers, erasers, etc, and less points to easier-to-pick-up items, like skinny pencils.

13. Write a story/song/movie script/comic strip/autobiography. Maybe it’ll be the next hit, and you’ll earn a billion dollars and become more famous than Justin Bieber/Obama. Then you wouldn’t ever have to come to school. Problems solved forever. Just remember to keep a page in front of the one you’re doodling/writing on covered in notes for the lesson, and look up occasionally at the teacher and the board. Also try to answer one question every five to thirty minutes, depending on how often you usually contribute.

14. Play charades with the people sitting around you (or, if you’re daring, with someone halfway across the class)

15. Make use of the time to study/learn :D Ask the person next to you (who is hopefully smart, or at least smarter than you) about a topic or question  you don’t understand, or do a piece of homework you haven’t done and have to hand up later in the day.

You can also pay such scrutinizing attention to the teacher and ask so many questions that the teacher either a) starts worshipping you, which is more useful than you think. You’ll get really high marks for all your graded assignments, and the teacher will let you get away with a lot of things or b) the teacher gets freaked out, which is, in itself, pretty amusing.

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