Glee is becoming a Finn-Rachel-Blaine Karaoke Session.

I am a huge glee fan and it hurts me to say this, but I think it is all time we admit that Glee is becoming rather repetitive. The same (not to mention boring) plot lines are being used over and over again, episode after episode. And they all revolve around the same few people who also happen to be the same few who sing all the solos and duets. This is while the rest of the glee-cast are left to sway in the background, and ultimately rot to death. The most horrible thing is, I don’t think anyone will notice if they do.

Looks familiar? Of course. It’s all that ever happens in the episodes nowadays anyway. Not an episode passes without one gruesome show of affection between these two/a duet. I am utterly sick of the Finn-Rachel romance. In the first place, Finn and Rachel are not exactly my favorite couple in the history of couples. Having them show their affection every friggin’ episode is definitely not helping. They can’t even tear themselves apart during the Nationals. Ok, we get it already, they love each other. I don’t give a bloody damn. Plus, they get all the duets. Hello, director? Other people exist!

Finn-and-Rachel, Rachel-on-her-own, and Blaine get more solos/duets in one episode than most of the other Glee characters get in one whole friggin’ season. Why don’t Santana, Kurt (he used to have quite a few, but in this season, all he’s done is stand around smiling while Blaine does his thing), and Mercedes get their turn as well? I think their voices are just as good as (better, actually, in the case of Santana and Mercedes) Rachel’s or Blaine’s, and definitely Finn’s.

Check out Santana’s La Isla Bonita, Back to Black, Songbird, River Deep Mountain High (also with Mercedes), Mercedes’ Hate On Me, I Look To You, Rumour Has It, and Kurt’s Defying Gravity, Blackbird, A House Is Not A Home…And you’ll see what I mean. I could name a lot more, but I can’t remember, and there’s not enough space. But anyway, my point is- I’m getting sick and tired of the same old voices all the time, especially since they aren’t exactly the best ones (in my opinion) in the first place.

Plus, when the other characters finally get a chance to sing a solo/duet, it isn’t even like anything vaguely resembling a song. Just look at Brittany and Artie’s My Cup. Rachel gets to sing some heart-wrenching song every week and they get to sing something about a cup.

Secondly, most of the characters have not been developed in any way since the Pilot episode, and they’re either just as shallow, or unknown as they were from the start. This is while the same old plot lines like (*ahem* Rachel and Finn’s romance and Will Schuester’s romance, and Sue being some psychotic maniac.)

Let me give you some examples. Rachel is still the selfish girl who’s friggin’ obsessed with a) herself b) her future c) Finn and d) Being a complete jerk to everyone else. In that order. Kurt is still the gay guy who wears tight clothes, and Blaine the hot gay guy who used to be Dalton *gasp*. Brittany is the dumb cheerleader, and Santana is the bitch. Puck is the ‘bad boy’ (who falls in love with all the wrong girls- they’re either twice his age or twice his weight- except Quinn, and the last time they really talked to each other was when she gave birth to his daughter, which was hmm, let’s see…Forty plus episodes ago.) And Quinn has had so many weird personalities in the past season, she’s practically a whole country on her own. Apparently the director doesn’t like her and gives her the shittiest (sorry, but it’s true) plot lines ever to be conceived. If this is true, it’s just about the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever heard. If it isn’t, the director had better come up with some pretty good excuse.

To say the least, the plot line could do with a lot of improvement, and more importantly, they should be about someone else for a change. If the directors don’t give the other characters some much needed screen time about something other than sexual orientation and stupid high school roles, glee is going to become a cliched, shallow, superficial take on high school that promotes selfishness, boy-friend stealing, and neglecting Asians. In other words, a longer and slightly more disgusting form of high school musical.

Alright, that was harsh. The day Glee turns into high school musical is a day I hope I will never live to see. But honestly, though, the directors need to use their other characters more- think bucket loads of talent being wasted and neglected and sidelined to swaying in the background 24/7.

(ha, this post was undercover advertisement for Santana :D)

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