Stop comparing The Hunger Games to Twilight!

Honestly, I don’t know why people keep doing that! I mean, okay, so they’re both written for teenagers, and they both have ‘T’ as their first letter. As do a million other books. So why Hunger Games and Twilight?

1. They aren’t even in the same genre. One is dystopian (future apocalypse) and one is, uh, supernatural/romance. It’s like comparing an orange to an apple. Giant hairy mammoth.

2. Their plots are completely differentTwilight’s about this girl who has to choose between marrying a werewolf and a vampire, has ahem with the vampire and then marries the werewolf. The Hunger Games, on the other hand, is about a girl who has to choose between her survival and her humanity and grapple with the cruelty and oppression of her government. She finds courage, strength, and what it means to be human. In the end, she manages to salvages the crumbling ruins of her world (and gets married).

3. They make different comments about society and humanity in general. Twilight says that it’s very important to find a good partner and so you must  a) take extremely long to decide b) write four thick novels about it, so as to make a more informed decision. The Hunger Games, on the other hand, comments on the human ability to feel compassion, love, and courage, even in the darkest of times, and rise above this evil that binds them. However, it also says that in the end, our efforts are futile, because humans are inherently violent, brutish and evil, and it is virtually impossible to cage this beast inside us forever. I agree with both, but somehow I think I got more out of Hunger Games than Twilight. I can get relationship advice from my mother- but thanks, Stephanie.

4. Their main characters have no similarities. Trust me when I say at all. Bella is indecisive and passive. The classic ‘save me from the tower’ Disney princess. She’s the type of girl who forces herself to go to a town she doesn’t like, then spend three chapters complaining about it. She lolls around for months when Edward rejects her, instead of just moving on with life.  This is so unlike Katniss, I don’t even know what to say. Katniss is the type of girl who wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing her life to save her sister, or about risking everything she has to change the world. Katniss is strong, spunky, fearless, ruthless, feisty, stubborn, gritty, determined, passionate, hard, headstrong, and most of all, she’s very real. Not to say vampires and werewolves and a girl who actually plans to marry one of the above creatures aren’t real, of course…

As you can see, Twilight and Hunger Games are wildly different. So even though both of them are the two most popular teenage books right now (excluding Harry Potter, of course) there is really no reason to compare them ever again.

However, on a side note, there is one other similarity between them that I forgot to mention. Their soundtracks are both pretty good. Although Twilight doesn’t have songs in the book, the theme song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri is really nice. Well, at least in my opinion. Here’s a link to a post I did on the Hunger Games songs and soundtrack.

13 responses to “Stop comparing The Hunger Games to Twilight!

  1. wonderstruck17

    Finally somebody else says it. The books do not compare AT ALL. They have no reason to even be considered in the same FIELD in my opinion. Well said, sir. Well said.

  2. Kudos! I completely agree.

    Katniss is a kick-a** action figure and Bella is “Save-Me-Please” Barbie.

  3. cassidyprince


  4. Very good post! After seeing your comment on my post I decided to check yours out! Obviously theres a few things I dont agree with that you said in it…Like Bella didnt have s*x with him before they got married they waited until after marriage. :P very good post though!

  5. eshy

    Hey, eshy here! I like the post. I really like how organized your post was and I’m sure the rest of your blog is. I just wanted to return the favor and check out your blog and comment as well. I appreciate your feedback as I hope you appreciate mine. Keep bloggin’ and I’ll keep readin’. I have one question: Have you read the Vampire Academy series?

    • Thanks for the comment and the follow! :) Nope. Should I?

      • eshy

        Yes, they are amazing. My favorite series EVER! And I’ve read a lot of books. I just figured I’d bring them up because of a smashing I read online about their covers. I believe if you love the story, what’s the cover matter? But anywho, yes. Yes, you should read them. I’ll try to find you that link of the smashing. -eshy

      • Yup yup! I have this theory that the best books have the worst covers, like some kind of ploy to test the true fans and the fake ones. Percy Jackson has the worst covers ever in the history of printed fiction. Alright, I’ll definitely give the series a try and let you know what I think! (:

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