Now that you’ve watched the Hunger Games…

What’s next? Catching Fire is only being released Nov 22, 2013, but hey, there’s just 1 year, 7 months, and 6 days more to wait. If you’re dying of the wait, (like I am) here’re are some things to do until then.

1. Read the Hunger Games book series, if you haven’t already done so. You simply cannot continue life on Earth without reading the books. Trust me, they will not disappoint. They are action packed, thrilling, fast-paced, and also thought-provoking and heart breaking. Alright, maybe the third book will, because Suzanne Collin goes on some bloodthirsty rampage and kills of 90% of her characters. Here’s some advice: go out and get an oxygen mask, because you might get so excited, you forget to breathe. And if you have read it, congratulations. You are human, and you have a life. You can move on to the second point. Or re-read the books.

2. Talk about the movies. This keeps me entertained way longer than the movie itself. If no one wants to listen to you, you can uh, blog about it. Heh. Have serious, philosophical discussions, or talk about whether you think Josh Hutcherson looked hot (not really, but better than I expected) whether you think Jennifer Lawrence looked hot (yes, yes, with all my heart) and whatever else you want to talk about.

11. Come up with your perfect cast for the Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. Yes, the penultimate question is no longer ‘to be or not to be’, but rather, who should play Finnick in Catching Fire. Some background:

Finnick is supposed to be extremely good-looking, charming, and confident. He’s muscular, tan, bronze-haired, and he has sea-green eyes. He also goes around waving tridents and wearing sea nets. I seem to have a strange attraction to guys with sea-green eyes who wave tridents around. Percy Jackson… anybody? But I don’t think Percy Jackson ever wore a sea net. But under the outer exterior of confidence and strength, Finnick is vulnerable, compassionate, and noble. So they’d better not cast some douche-bag.

So: Alex Pettyfer?


Armie Hammer?


Grant Gustin?


Zac Effron?


What do you think? Leave comments with your dream cast! :)

4. Listen to the soundtrack. Especially if you left before the credits, which is where the brainless directors/ producers decided to chuck all their brilliant songs, because everyone stays for the credits. (I’m being sarcastic, by the way) Here’s a post about all the songs.

5. Read Hunger Games Fanfictions. I haven’t actually done this yet, but i want to, so if you know some good fan fictions that you’ve read a good fanfic, feel free to suggest it to me in the comments :)

6. Write Hunger Games Fanfictions. In your fan fiction, you are King. Or Queen. So Finnick doesn’t have to die if you don’t want him to. (HOW COULD YOU WANT HIM TO!?!?!!!) You could write an alternate ending, a story after the ending, a story before the beginning, or in the point of view of a unique character, like say a random Capital person, or a tribute from district 1/2, who actually volunteered for the Hunger Games, and later realizes that by winning the Games, he/she does not win glory, but lose humanity.

7. Write songs and poems to accompany the book, that express a particular character’s relationship with another character, a character’s particular feelings at doing something, etc. Suzanne Collins did have a couple of beautiful songs in her book series, one of which was in the Hunger Games- “Rue’s Lullaby or Deep In The Meadow”. There is also another one, in the second book, that Katniss says her father sang to her when she was young. It is, however, not really something I would sing to my daughter, because it’s one of the creepiest songs I have ever heard. It gave me a billion goosebumps. Then again, I don’t live in a post-apocalyptic world where people kill each other in gladiator fights to the death every year. The song is called The Hanging Tree, and trust me, it’s powerful, haunting, and more than a little depressing. Here it is:

Do you get the disturbing, sinister subtext that the singer is dead and he’s calling out to his lover to hang herself next to him in a “necklace of rope”, because in their dark cruel world, death is the only release, the only escape from the meaningless, miserable existence?

8. Watch other movies in the time being. Like The Avengers. Like the last installment in the Batman series. Here’s a list of movies you have to watch this year, or die. In fire and brimstone. Just kidding.

9. Read other books in the time being. Like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and other Dystopian fiction, for example “Divergent”, by Veronica Roth, or Blood Red Road, by Moira Young, or The Enemy Series by Charlie Higson. Here’s a list of book series that I really like.

10. Analyze The Hunger Games like a literature text. I know, this probably only appeals to me, but seriously, think of the extra credit you could get. Plus, would you rather do an analysis of the Hunger Games, or say, Moby Dick, a.k.a. seven thousand pages of a whale being killed? Sorry, no offense, Herman Melville. Or, you could show the analysis/essay you wrote to your parents and ensure them you are not reading crap, like ahem- ahem. Sorry, I choked. Of course I don’t mean the Twilight Saga. What makes you say that?

11. Take up archery. This way, if our society suddenly collapses, (i.e. the much dreaded 2012 apocalypse actually happens), and we get plunged into a similar situation as Katniss, and are unlucky enough to get our names picked at the Reaping, or have our sister’s names picked. What? It’s better to be prepared. Plus, if nothing happens, you could always go to the Olympics. (Like that’s a second choice.)

12. Develop your own fashion line based on the Hunger Games. Either on one of the districts, or on the capitol folk. Who knows? You might end just end up with a billion dollar fashion line, and then you’ll thank me. You could also walk around town spotting a Senaca-Crane beard (I loved it), or wearing hideously colorful makeup.


I hope you have enjoyed that, and that it will keep you entertained for the time being.

4 responses to “Now that you’ve watched the Hunger Games…

  1. Of course I would vote for Alex Pettyfer. He is soooo much more handsome than the others. What does the second guy want to do as Finnick Odair? He’s about forty years old by his appearance.

  2. Not to mention Alex also feels more… Finnick-like.

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