Movie Review: Men In Black 3

Ok, so its predecessor, Men in black 2, was not so good. But Men in black 3, is amazing.

I’m not going to lie to you (despite the risk of getting tons of hate mail)- I actually liked it more than the Avengers. (*cue shocked gasps*) (That’s a link to my Avengers review.) MIB 3 somehow managed to weave a far more engaging (and convincing) plot line around an alien invasion, and was every bit as wonderfully funny.

If you haven’t watched the movie yet (for a myriad of reasons such as: men in black 2 sucked, I hate action movies, it seems like a lame, trashy movie), just watch it. Believe me- you won’t regret it. This movie has something for everyone. (well, unless you’re an ugly, hairy boglodite) Action, humour, suspense, heartbreak- you name it, MIB 3 has it. Plus a large dose of great dialogue, incredible acting, and an intriguing plot.  You definitely shouldn’t miss it for the world.

If you’re still not convinced, read on.

So, here’s what I liked about the movie:

1. The plot.

It kept me on my toes and laughing my head off throughout the movie, with just the right balance of emotion, laughs, action and suspense. Like the Avengers, it had entertaining fight scenes and banter among partners, but it also had little, touching dialogue, a side romantic love interest, and of course, time travel.

Nothing beats time-travelling plots when done well. It wasn’t so complicated that you’re only able to understand what’s going on until halfway through the movie, or have to keep checking back and wondering if this is the present or past or if one of the main characters is going to fall in love with his/her grandpa. It wasn’t the usual muddled up, confusing mess it usually turns into. On the contrary- it spiced up an already extremely engaging and interesting plot line. Unlike the Avengers, it wasn’t just a long, brainless, somewhat emotionless  series of fight scenes without anything else. It was meaningful, exciting, original, and a lot of fun.

2. The fact that there was an actual villain who is genuinely, hair-raisingly, evil.

Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) was a real nightmare. He’s utterly ruthless, violent, and belongs to a race of aliens (Boglodites) bent on destroying every planet in the universe (sort of like Attila the Hun). I actually got really terrified around the end, with both Borises (one from the present- he time travelled back in time too) set to murder Agent J and K before they’re able to set up the Arcnet, the defence system that’ll protect the Earth from the Boglodites once and for all.

The guy has a spider living in his hand, for goodness sake, how much more terrifying can you get? And, he is a proper villain name that inspires fear and not snorts of derision from his enemies. He definitely doesn’t lack conviction. He’d kill you thrice, if he could- after sticking a particularly gruesome spike through your heart, he’d also go back to the past, pound you to a pulp, and then travel back even further to kill your grandparents. You know, just to make sure.

 3. The characters are extremely cool- and they don’t seem like they’ve just been lifted off a few comic books and force fitted together.

Agent J (Will Smith) is, as always, oozing with charm. He’s thinks on his feet (while being chased by a giant monster fish), and comes up with one hilariously effective way of getting out of a sticky situation (sometimes literally- a.k.a. when he was almost eaten by the aforementioned giant monster fish) after another. (He squirts mustard in the fish’s nose so it sneezes him out.) We also get to see the young Agent K (Josh Brolin) who is every bit as deadpan as his older self, and just as cool. They’re a great team. Perhaps the best.

Finally, Michael Stuhlbarg nearly stole the show as Griffin, an alien that is able to visualize several future possibilities simultaneously (said simply; see into the future), and has his own fair share of side-splitting lines, plus a few really wise, poetic ones like “the bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie”, and “where there is death, there will always be death”.

Men In Black 3

Agent J (Will Smith)

Men In Black 3

Agent K (Josh Brolin)

Men In Black 3

Men in black 3 gives you everything you could ever wish for in a show- laughs, tears, suspense, excitement… The only thing you have to do is ask watch the damn movie, already!

P.s, if you want to watch the first two installments in the series, it’s up on youtube! Here’s a link to a post where I embedded a few full movies on youtube :)
P.P.S. Do you think there is going to be a fourth movie? I think so, because there were a lot of questions left unanswered- like what happened between O and K (why are they not together now?) and why is agent O now the head of the whole thing, when she was just an assistant to K forty years ago?

One response to “Movie Review: Men In Black 3

  1. I was on the fence about whether I should see this or not, but I’m definitely going to try to now! I’m a sucker for a well-done time travel story. :D

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