Jason Grace & Percy Jackson

Comparison, mirror characters

Here are my thoughts on the similarities and differences between Jason and Percy, and my analysis of their characters.

Jason and Percy have many character traits in common. They are both natural leaders, and they would do anything and everything in their power to save their friends/the world. They are selfless, brave, courageous, and wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing their lives for something they believe in. They also happen to be great at bashing monsters. Also, they both cannot accept being bossed around, which will definitely prove problematic when they meet in the Mark Of Athena and both decide to take the lead.

On the other hand, though, the fundamental way in which they react to the world, to crises, as well as their their styles of living, leading, and fighting, are completely different.

Leading style- charm v.s. capability, calm confidence. Percy is has a penchant for disrespecting authority and enjoys doing so immensely. He is a charismatic leader who attracts others with his light-hearted banter and relaxed demeanour even when facing an entire army of monsters. Jason, on the other hand, dislikes people who disrespects authority. He is a leader who commands respect and exudes confidence. Although he might sometimes doubt himself, no one else does.

Reaction to situations- improvisational, light-hearted v.s. methodical, serious. Percy Jackson is, on general, more flippant, reckless, and impulsive. He tends to come up with improvised plans at the very last minute, and takes things pretty lightly. Even if that ‘thing’ happens to be a death prophecy or a thousand pound charging Minotaur. This is obviously nothing like Jason who is serious, disciplined, brooding, and is in way more control of his emotions. They are both able to keep their cool in crises, but in different ways- Percy is not flustered because he treats everything as a big joke and is probably able to laugh right into a monsters’ face while being eyed like a giant puppy’s chew toy and make some hilarious joke about his situation. Jason, on the other hand, is completely confident about his abilities and is too well trained to show any weakness/fear in the first place.

Fighting style- flamboyant v.s. militant. Percy Jackson uses a more creative, spontaneous fighting style that sometimes involves throwing gift shop items into monsters’ mouths and sliding on shields like a snow sleigh, while Jason’s fighting style is ruthless, well-trained, technically flawless, and utterly unstoppable.

Do you agree? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and feel free to disagree with me :)

4 responses to “Jason Grace & Percy Jackson

  1. Fay

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU . your annalysis’s GREAT!!!

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