A Crash Course On Using Twitter

Five easy steps to using Twitter like a pro. 

I love Twitter. (Here’s why I like it more than Facebook.) But that’s just my opinion. Either way, though, I think both are great ways to make new friends, keep in touch with old ones, and have fun. Unfortunately, though, some people say that twitter is hard to get the hang of, but I completely disagree. Thus the creation of this five-step Twitter tutorial that pretty much (at least I hope so) shows that using Twitter is really easy.

Follow these steps, and no one will be able to tell the difference between a one day old twitter newbie (i.e., you) and a twitter veteran who has been tweeting fifty times a day for the past three years.

1. Click this button at the top of the screen to write a tweet. In the box, type what you’re thinking/feeling, your message, shout out, attach a photo/link- whatever, as long as it’s under 140 characters (of course, a picture doesn’t count as a thousand words- in fact, it counts as zero words.)

Twitter crashcourse

2. Mention people in the tweet with the @ icon and their username. Sort of like, “@jasmineflower and I went to the new ice cream place today. Awesome stuff.” They will get notified. Replies to a friends’ tweets will start with @yourfriends’username. Refer to main topics with a #. Include your location by clicking on that little aiming icon at the bottom (see below image)

When you’re done, should look something like this. Press the blue tweet button to post! You won’t be able to do so if you overshoot the 140 character limit, though.

crashcourse on twitter usage

3. This button goes to the page where you can find friends/like-minded individuals, and see friends’ tweets that mention you, as well as notifications if anyone a) follows you b) favourites your tweet or c) retweets your tweet (sort of like forwarding it to all his or her followers. Type in the bar to search usernames or full names of people you want to follow.

4. This button goes to the page where you can search about topics you like/want to read about, as well as recent ‘trends’ which are basically stuff that a lot of people are tweeting right now, and new/interesting stories.

5. Get your friends to follow you. 

Yup, basically that’s it. Pretty simple. Not rocket science. Definitely simpler than Facebook.

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