The Sunshine Award And The Liebster Blog

This is a good week.

Correction. This is an awesome week.

I’ve just gotten nominated for the sunshine award by Books For Breakfast and the Liebster blog award by Eshyletters, both really great blogs that you should definitely check out :)

I am absolutely thrilled by this. Terrifically elated. Maniacally overjoyed. I have no idea why I was nominated, because I blog sporadically at best and not at all at worse, but all I know is that this is friggin’ awesome. THANKS, BOOKS FOR BREAKFAST AND ESHY LETTERS :)

Ok, so as far as I can figure (I’m pretty new to this blogging thing, so forgive me if I get it wrong) the sunshine award is basically an award that people pass around by mentioning the current top 10 blogs/blogs that have caught their eye recently, though I also took it to be an award for blogs that made me smile/laugh. Plus, you’re supposed to answer several fun questions about yourself when you get the award (possibly to keep people in suspense although technically you could just scroll down and not read anything. Go ahead. I tend to ramble.)

And the Liebster award is a (quoting Eshyletters),  “Share the love arrangement”, given to inspirational bloggers with less than 200 followers that is passed around to 5 blogs that fit the description. Forgive me about the 200 followers thing. I forgot about that part so I didn’t check. Heh.

Favorite number: 0. It’s the most important number ever to exist, basically. Without zeroes we’d still be writing stuff like MDCCCXCIII when all we actually wanted to say was there were ‘1893’. Can you imagine what a nightmare exchanging phone numbers would be? Without zero you won’t be able to say okay, here’s one set of stuff, let’s move on to the next set. It’ll just be one long line of numbers after another. Without zero, it will be impossible to do math (right now it’s merely extremely difficult.) Sadly, though, not many people appreciate the importance of zeroes. Some people don’t even recognize it as a number, which is just mean.

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Hmm. Right now I’m going to go with ice lemon tea.

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter. Definitely twitter. Here’s a quick quote from my post about this- I’ve recently created a twitter account, under duress from some of my close friends, and two words: Holy cow. The concept of twitter to me is new, refreshing, radically different, and really intriguing. I love it.

My Passion: Talking to friends, reading, watching movies, playing racquet sports, watching TV, and writing.

Favorite pattern: I’m afraid I don’t really get this question. The pattern I’d most like on my clothes? Bags? Pencil-case? Skin? Well, it depends on which happens to be the nicest, of course! That’s why I’m going to cheat and tell you my favorite number pattern instead. The fibonacci sequence, which is absolutely amazing. I have this feeling it’s the secret to life. Everything in nature can somehow be related to the Fibonacci sequence. Shells, the golden ratio, branches on a tree, reproduction… Everything, basically. P.S. Now I sound like a math geek. I promise you I am not. I just enjoy reading math books (mostly because I enjoy reading books.)

Favorite Day of the Week: Friday. The day of dreams, celebration, triumph, and sweet anticipation. (And without the disappointment of Sunday when you realize those dreams were just that-dreams.) Also the day of procastination. My favorite.

Favorite Flower: Ugh, this is difficult.  I think I’m going with the rose. Regardless of the color, it represents passion, love, courage, strength, and beauty. Best of all, it’s a flower that knows how to take care of itself. The thorn means business. It’s also probably the flower with the best poems written about it. There’s one I read in literature class that I really liked but I can’t remember the name of now. It’s killing me. But yeah, the rose.

OK FINALLY! NOW FOR THE BLOGS! :) I’m horrible at making decisions, especially decisions that involve choosing something over another- which is actually why I took so long to do this post- so I’m terribly sorry if I didn’t manage to include your no oubt extremely awesome in the list. I also haven’t been around wordpress for very long, so I’m not exactly very exposed.

The Sunshine Awards:

1. Amy Miles Books Great blog with awesome book reviews that I happen to agree completely with alot. Well, most of the time, anyway :)

2. Hardcovers And Heroines Really interesting posts here, very entertaining and filled with lots of ‘marry, date or dump’ posts that I love reading (though I hardly ever come to any sort of conclusion.)

3. Love Your Movies A hell lot of well-written, insightful movie reviews. Believe me when I say, a hell lot of. 

4. 20Four12 I LOVE the format of this blog. It is beautiful. Also does a lot of book reviews on books I love. Sometimes I feel like whatever I had in my head and wanted to say is articulated terrifically in this amazing blog.

5. Bectopia Full of awesome random interesting funny posts about things I love :)

6. The Thrace Effect Really interesting posts with a distinctive writing style I really like :)

7. Eat Sleep Procastinate Hilarious. Somehow always succeeds in making me laugh.

8. Early Nerd Special Pop Culture Commentary and Reviews. Lots of it.

9. The Wet Puddle Another blogger I find extremely amusing and witty.

10. Stuff I had To Put Somewhere A collection of random funny things.

The Liebster Awards

1. Blogging on the Bright side This is way inspirational. Guaranteed to cheer you up when you’re feeling down :)

2. Heaven4Earth This is filled to the brim with cool stuff like ‘letting go’ etc.

3. CRash Landing Love all the beautiful snapshots. Sometimes I feel like he’s taking a snapshot of my heart <3 or brain. Whatever.

4. Wonderstruck 17 Songs for every occasion.

5. Feel Think Say Wonderful poems.

Phew, so that’s finally done :) Happy blogging, guys, and stay awesome!

8 responses to “The Sunshine Award And The Liebster Blog

  1. Wow, this makes me feel absolutely great. I guess I’ll have to start finding some good blogs then, eh? :P

  2. reverend61

    Gosh! Thanks! :) I have a happy…

  3. eshy

    Hey! Your blog banner thing is puurty! Anyways, it’s me, eshy. I’m glad you think my blog’s awesome because I’m kicking it up another notch and having a contest, a scavenger hunt and you should totally check it out, it involves other blogs and I think you’d really like it. Feel free to spread the word. -hope you check it out, bye, eshy,

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