Clarisse and Annabeth

Ok, so there being a sequel to the pretty horrendous Percy Jackson movie isn’t just a bad dream. It’s real, and they’ve started filming a while back.

Before I knock my head on the wall till it bleeds and I die of a concussion, I have to say one thing: the person they casted to play Clarisse is beautiful. Unfortunately, this brings about many complications.

1) Where was Clarisse in the first movie? Nowhere to be seen. That’s literally editing Draco Malfoy out of Harry Potter. (Unfortunately, they also edited out Kronos and made Ares the villain- sort of like taking Voldemort out and assigning Peter Pettigrew the role of evil overlord)

2) What is Leven Rambin doing as a tough, badass daughter of the God of War? She looks like an angel. SHE SHOULD BE ANNABETH!!!!!

Yup, that was six exclamation marks.

It’s like a preschool matching game gone wrong. (You know, like those little exercises where you had to match animals to their sounds? What the director has done is match ‘cow’ with ‘cluck’ and ‘chicken’ with ‘moo’. You go, guy.) Here’s why. But before that, some pictures to prove my point.

Above, Leven Rambin (clarisse), below, Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth).

I’m not saying Clarisse or Alexandra Daddario (casted as Annabeth) aren’t beautiful. I’m just saying that Alexandra looks more credible as the daughter of Ares, and Leven Rambin looks more like Annabeth, daughter of Athena.

Clarisse is dark, tough, and her favorite word is ‘pulverise.’ She doesn’t show her soft side and if you so happened to see it, all that would be left of you is a dismembered head on a stick. She also tends to charge into most fights like a stubborn bull with a very, very powerful spear.

Annabeth is smart, funny, and she tries to keep wild, bloodthirsty maiming to a minimum. She’s tough, but she’s also rational and calm. She can be a little of an ice queen at times, but for the most part, she’s kind, witty, and clever.

Also, I don’t like to bring in hair color, but this time I can and I will- Leven has the perfect hair color for Annabeth and Alexandra has the perfect hair color for Clarisse. But no, the director decides to spend a ton on hair dye and cast them in opposite roles instead. Using too much hair dye is a) bad for your hair and b) environmentally unfriendly.

That’s why Alexandra and Leven should switch roles.

Click here to read more about Percy and Annabeth and what they’re supposed to be like so as to make a more informed decision! Also read this post, which is basically a complaint post on how the Percy Jackson movie omitted like, just about all the important stuff.

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