Random Ads

Recently there’s been this sudden explosion of annoying advertisements just about everywhere. Here are the top five types of advertisements that I find the most annoying.

1. Youtube advertisements.

Youtube used to be a place where you could watch videos in peace without being disturbed. (Except by your mom who wants you to start doing homework). Now, it’s just FILLED with advertisements, all over the place. In little side boxes, at the top, and at the start of your youtube video.

All you want to do is watch a 3 minute music video, but for some odd reason or another, you get forced into watching some rubbish about the ‘sea is calling’, or something about m&m’s jumping into a bowl.

Okay, firstly, just watching it makes me want to puke. Into sea shells. I’d much rather watch A Little Mermaid fifteen times, and I’m not eight years old. Secondly, I do not have the money for a Royal Carribean trip, no matter how many billion times the sea calls me. So, nice try, sea, but for the seventeen thousandth time, no.

2. Little side boxes that should be rated M18

No matter which website you’re at, there are always these little boxes at the side that are really, really weird.

And for some reason, whenever you have these weird advertisement, someone always has to walk in, see it, and judge you for it.

YouTube has this disgusting ‘cut the bra and see what happens’ advertisement, hanging around in the side bar like it’s completely appropriate to have advertisements like that when people are trying to watch a normal video.

Can you imagine the catastrophic effects of your parents walking in on you when you’re watching an innocent chemistry tutorial on acids and bases and all they see is that bra thing? Yup, that’s right. Doom. Instant Doom. They’d think you were a) sexually frustrated and in need of serious counselling b) not doing your homework and wasting time or, if you’re female, lesbian. Luckily, nothing as disastrous as that has happened, yet.

So, you don’t let sixteen year olds watch stuff with a little cursing, but at the same time, putting these stuff all over the place for little six year olds watching ‘my magical pony’ to see is absolutely fine.

3. Ads all over the place. Like, all over. 

There are those websites with ads that just smother the real content of the page altogether, so it looks like the classified section of the newspaper and worse still, if you just accidentally touch your mouse anywhere at all on the page, you’re brought to some random website selling ipad 2s.

There are practically so many of those ads on the page that you have to (literally) comb the page for the content you clicked on the link to read. Believe me, it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack humongous rubbish dump filled with rotten fish and decomposing lettuce. (Because haystacks are way too pleasant an analogy for some of these advertisements)

4. Blinking, Flashing, Red things.

There are also those big blinking things that say, ‘congratulations, you are the 1,000,000th visitor!’ Okay firstly, I don’t care. Secondly, any website with those kind of advertisements definitely don’t get so many visitors. No offence. And thirdly, all your flashing and blinking and bright red words give me a flippin’ headache.

5. Pay to remove ads from your page (shout out to wordpress)

Have you been getting these little hyperlink things on your wordpress blog? I have. It’s basically what happens when you don’t have enough money to pay for a ‘no ad’ bundle. It’s ninety nine bucks. I could buy like, three hundred fish balls. (Okay, that probably wasn’t the best comparison).

Is wordpress really going to spam my blog with random hyperlinks that say “enhanced text, win an ipad 2 blah blah’ just because I refuse to pay $99 bucks just because I want the hyperlinks on my blog to lead to somewhere other than some spam website? That’s just mean. Really mean. I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY, YOU JERKS!

So, what kind of advertisements do you hate the most? Feel free to comment below and subscribe :)

2 responses to “Random Ads

  1. Psst get Adblock. It takes care of most of those. ;) hehe

    Youtube video ads are horrible. I just want to watch my stupid little video in peace!

    • HAHAA I just did :D And now I feel bad because I didn’t donate any money and the guy said he quit his job to spend more time working on Adblock and is now completely reliant on people’s donations.

      I KNOW! I hate youtube video ads. Especially if the suck. And they usually do. xD

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