Internet Icon Episode 5

Have you guys heard of Internet Icon? No? Well, it’s basically this talent show type thing (like American Idol, X factor) on Youtube, where ten groups make youtube videos and the best group wins. They have to complete challenges like make an original informercial, use five given words in a video, etcetera, and a panel of three judges (nigahiga, christine lakin, and a guest judge) decides the group to be sent home for the week.

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The Sunshine Award And The Liebster Blog

This is a good week.

Correction. This is an awesome week.

I’ve just gotten nominated for the sunshine award by Books For Breakfast and the Liebster blog award by Eshyletters, both really great blogs that you should definitely check out :)

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Twitter v.s. Facebook

The clash of the social networking titans.

Here are my thoughts on the differences between Twitter and Facebook, what’s good or bad, and which to use in different situations with different goals in mind.

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A Crash Course On Using Twitter

Five easy steps to using Twitter like a pro. 

I love Twitter. (Here’s why I like it more than Facebook.) But that’s just my opinion. Either way, though, I think both are great ways to make new friends, keep in touch with old ones, and have fun. Unfortunately, though, some people say that twitter is hard to get the hang of, but I completely disagree. Thus the creation of this five-step Twitter tutorial that pretty much (at least I hope so) shows that using Twitter is really easy.

Follow these steps, and no one will be able to tell the difference between a one day old twitter newbie (i.e., you) and a twitter veteran who has been tweeting fifty times a day for the past three years.

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Jason Grace & Percy Jackson

Comparison, mirror characters

Here are my thoughts on the similarities and differences between Jason and Percy, and my analysis of their characters.

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