Glee is becoming a Finn-Rachel-Blaine Karaoke Session.

I am a huge glee fan and it hurts me to say this, but I think it is all time we admit that Glee is becoming rather repetitive. The same (not to mention boring) plot lines are being used over and over again, episode after episode. And they all revolve around the same few people who also happen to be the same few who sing all the solos and duets. This is while the rest of the glee-cast are left to sway in the background, and ultimately rot to death. The most horrible thing is, I don’t think anyone will notice if they do.

Looks familiar? Of course. It’s all that ever happens in the episodes nowadays anyway. Not an episode passes without one gruesome show of affection between these two/a duet. I am utterly sick of the Finn-Rachel romance. In the first place, Finn and Rachel are not exactly my favorite couple in the history of couples. Having them show their affection every friggin’ episode is definitely not helping. They can’t even tear themselves apart during the Nationals. Ok, we get it already, they love each other. I don’t give a bloody damn. Plus, they get all the duets. Hello, director? Other people exist!

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July 2020