Best Country Music Bands And Songs

I love country music. The lyrics tend to be a little less nonsensical than the other genres of music. It doesn’t have stuff like “I ain’t never seen/An ass like that/The way you move it/You make my pee-pee go/’Doing-Doing-Doing” (Eminem’s Ass Like That) That is just wrong on so many levels. Firstly, no one says ‘pee-pee’ except to a one year old baby. Seriously, saying something like ‘pee-pee’ to people who are toilet trained should be made illegal. Secondly, pee-pee really doesn’t go ‘doing-doing-doing’. Well, I don’t know about yours, but mine doesn’t.
I’m not saying country music doesn’t have ridiculous lyrics like that, but it certainly has way less of it. The lyrics also tend to be slightly more meaningful. Sure, they might go overboard with the trucks and the farm references, but I’d honestly rather hear about tractors than ‘pee-pee’.
Anyway, here’s a list of country songs and bands I really like:

Hunger Games Songs and Soundtrack

As promised, a whole post on the Hunger Games songs and soundtrack. I swear, the songs are phenomenal. When I heard some of the songs before the movie premier, I was like oh my god, it’s brilliant- when are they going to play it in the movie? I hope it’s in the cave, or when they’re eating the berries…etc, so excited! But the horrible thing is, they played it during the credits. Brilliant. You put the song in the credits. Don’t you know that no one stays for the credits?!  Ugh.

Anyway, I tried to rank the songs, but it was really difficult, and I really couldn’t decide. So please forgive me if I ranked a good song badly, it doesn’t mean anything except I forgot how good the song sounded. Feel free to comment if you think a song should be ranked higher/lower :) Also, I don’t like rap, so if you do like rap, I’m sorry.

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July 2020