My 10 Favorite Book Series

If you haven’t read the books on this list, please go and bonk yourself on the head with a hard, heavy boulder.  read them, NOW. They’re really good. At least in my opinion. Which is admittedly biased. I mean, if you were a ninety-year old grandmother, I doubt you’d want to read Harry Potter. Then again, you would! If you were cool. If you don’t want to be a lousy grandmother, check this list out now.

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Movies You Have To Watch Before The Apocalypse

In my opinion, the best and most anticipated movies of 2012. If the world really does end in December, at least you would have watched these ten movies, and your life would have been way more fulfilled than it would have been if you’d died without watching them. Also, maybe if some malevolent alien race decided to invade our planet, they’d watch one of the movies on this list and realize Earth is so cool it should not be exterminated. We’d all become best buddies and they’d travel here every few years to watch movies with us. See how powerful and useful this list is?

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