Random Ads

Recently there’s been this sudden explosion of annoying advertisements just about everywhere. Here are the top five types of advertisements that I find the most annoying.

1. Youtube advertisements.

Youtube used to be a place where you could watch videos in peace without being disturbed. (Except by your mom who wants you to start doing homework). Now, it’s just FILLED with advertisements, all over the place. In little side boxes, at the top, and at the start of your youtube video.

All you want to do is watch a 3 minute music video, but for some odd reason or another, you get forced into watching some rubbish about the ‘sea is calling’, or something about m&m’s jumping into a bowl.

Okay, firstly, just watching it makes me want to puke. Into sea shells. I’d much rather watch A Little Mermaid fifteen times, and I’m not eight years old. Secondly, I do not have the money for a Royal Carribean trip, no matter how many billion times the sea calls me. So, nice try, sea, but for the seventeen thousandth time, no.

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Internet Icon Episode 5

Have you guys heard of Internet Icon? No? Well, it’s basically this talent show type thing (like American Idol, X factor) on Youtube, where ten groups make youtube videos and the best group wins. They have to complete challenges like make an original informercial, use five given words in a video, etcetera, and a panel of three judges (nigahiga, christine lakin, and a guest judge) decides the group to be sent home for the week.

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